Senior Year Entry Programme

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Testing and Certification

Non-Jupas Programme Code: BENGHTCJS

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This programme was accredited by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE). To be a Member of the HKIE via the formal training or general experience routes, the candidates must have obtained an accredited honours degree or an acceptable equivalent in a recognised engineering or technological discipline. For details, please visit the HKIE website HERE.

This programme was formerly known as Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Testing and Certification up to intake year 2016. The programme structure and content of Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Testing and Certification are exactly the same as those of Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Testing and Certification.

The Testing and Certification industry has been identified by the HKSAR Government for strategic development. Although Testing and Certification is a new academic discipline, the OUHK has attained solid experience in providing undergraduate and postgraduate degree trainings in this area. Following the establishment of the Jockey Club Campus, the OUHK is offering a 4-year full-time face-to-face BEng(Hons) in Testing and Certification (formerly known as BSc(Hons) in Testing and Certification) programme starting from 2013.

Highlights of Programme

  • Unique degree programme specially designed for the Testing and Certification Industry
  • Strong Industrial support with practicum training & placement in year 2 & year 3
  • Multidisciplinary in early stage
    • ranged from mathematics and basic sciences to metrology, instrumentation, etc.
  • Three areas of specialization in advanced stage:
    • Electrical & Electronics
    • Physical & Mechanical
    • Chemical & Biological

Entrance Requirements:

  • Senior Year Entry
    • The requirement for Senior Year entry will be a holder of recognized Higher Diploma, Associate Degree, or equivalent, in Science or Engineering discipline. Normally, the programme duration is two to three years. Applicants will be considered for admission to different years of the study programme depending on individual academic merits and other relevant factors.

The programme structure is as follows:

Total: 85-130 Credits

Year Two
General Education Course III Basic Electronics
Introduction to Material Science Analytical Instruments
Basic Biochemistry & Microbiology Metrology & Calibration
Statistical Analysis for Testing & Certification Principles of Product Design & Manufacturing Process Management
Guided Industrial Training
Year Three
Language Enhancement Course II General Education Course IV
Quality Management for Science & Technology Conformity Assessment & Lab Accreditation
Measurement Uncertainty & Test Method Development
  • Electrical Safety & Energy Efficiency
  • Principles of Physical & Mechanical Testing
  • Microbiology & Toxicology
  • Electronic Circuit Design
  • Physical & Mechanical Behavior of Materials
  • Analytical Chemistry for Product Testing
  • Selected Electrical & Electronic T&C Standards
  • Selected Physical & Mechanical T&C Standards
  • Selected Chemical & Microbiological T&C Standards
Industrial Placement
Year Four
Management Systems for Inspection & Certification Bodies Professional Practice & Ethics
Safety & Reliability for Science & Technology Audit, Inspection & Certification
  • EMC Measurement & Control
  • Materials Characterization & Testing
  • Chemical & Microbiological Analytical Techniques
  • Electrical & Electronic T&C in Practice
  • Physical & Mechanical T&C in Practice
  • Chemical & Microbiological T&C in Practice
Testing & Certification Project

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