First Year Entry Programme

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Testing Science and Certification

Jupas Programme Code: JSSU68
Non-Jupas Programme Code: BSCHTSCJ1

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JSSU68 is a Government Subsidised Programme under the Study Subsidy Scheme for Designated Professions/Sectors (SSSDP). For details, please visit the website HERE.

The aims of the programme are to provide students with analytical, technical, theoretical and practical knowledge in aspects of testing science; and equip them to play a key role in the industry of testing science. Graduates will acquire a broad knowledge of the concepts, techniques, and tools in testing science and certification. Graduates will find career opportunities in a broad range of testing and certification industries. Typical positions include testing specialist, testing technician, production supervisors, quality controller, merchandiser, etc. Graduates would also be qualified for further study in testing science, applied sciences or related areas in any tertiary institutions in Hong Kong and elsewhere.

Entrance Requirements:

    • Year 1 Entry
      • To be eligible to apply for admission to full-time Bachelor Degree programmes with Honours, a student shall have attained in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) Examination:Level 3 or above in Chinese and English; Level 2 or above in Mathematics , Liberal Studies and an elective subject.
        Core Subjects Minimum Level
        Elective Subject(s) Minimum Level
        Any 1 Elective Subject 2

The programme structure is as follows:

Total: 160 Credits

Courses Weighting
Core(Common) 90 Credits
Core(elective) 25 Credits
Practicum 5 Credits
Mathematics and Information Technology 10 Credits
English Language 10 Credits
General Education 20 Credits
Year One
General Education Course I General Education Course II
Effective Use of English I Computer Applications for Test Engineers
Essential Biology Probability and Distribution
Lab Safety and Good Laboratory Practice Essential Chemistry
Year Two
General Education Course III Basic Cellular and Molecular Biology
English for Effective Communication Metrology and Calibration
Physical and Organic Chemistry in Testing Science Principles of Product Design and Manufacturing Process Management
Basic Biochemistry & Microbiology Guided Laboratory Practice
Year Three
Quality Management for Science and Technology Microbiology and Toxicology
Measurement Uncertainly and Test Method Development Conformity Assessment & Lab Accreditation
Analytical Chemistry for Product Testing Biochemical and DNA Technology
Any two of the following courses:

  • Food Analysis
  • Greenhouse Gas Validation and Certification
  • Principles of Good Manufacturing Practice
  • Product Environmental, Health & Safety Standards
  • Selected Chemical & Microbiological T&C Standards
Year Four
General Education Course IV Management Systems for Inspection & Certification Bodies
Any two of the following courses:

  • Food Safety Management System: Audit & Certification
  • Management System Certification: ISO 14001 & ISO 50001
  • Selected Topics in Food Safety
  • Energy Efficiency and Green Product Testing
  • Safety & Reliability for Science & Technology
  • Audit, Inspection & Certification
Any one of the following courses:

  • Emerging Technologies in Food Testing & Authentication
  • Environmental Testing & Certification Practice



Professional Practice and Ethics
Testing Science and Certification Project

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