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Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Testing Science (Food)

Non-Jupas Programme Code: BSCHTSFFS

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Full-time Face-to-Face: Two-Year Top-up Degree Programme for AD/HD Graduates

In the 2013 Policy Address, the Testing and Certification industry has reconfirmed by the Government as an industry with good development potential and a sector where Hong Kong enjoys clear advantages. Six selected industries with potential demand for testing and certification services are identified by the Government. They are Chinese medicine, construction materials, food, jewellery. environmental protection and information and communications technologies. According to the review report of the Hong Kong Council for Testing and Certification 2013, the food trade was selected because:

  • potential demand for testing arising from Government’s outsourcing of food testing and the progressive introduction of legal standards and regulatory framework for nutritional content and harmful substances, which would also help to build up local testing laboratories’ expertise;
  • potential demand from Hong Kong’s external trade for processed food; and
  • emerging demand for authenticity testing and certification of high-value food, together with the competitive edge from the high level of professionalism, integrity and reputation of Hong Kong’s testing and certification industry.

To further align with the Government’s strategic direction to drive the development of the Testing and Certification industry, the OUHK is offering a 2-year full-time face-to-face top-up BSc (Hons) in Testing Science (Food) programme starting 2014.

Highlights of Programme

  • Specially design for AD/HD Graduate who is keen to work in the food testing and certification industry
  • Cover essential and comprehensive knowledge of food safety, food testing & certification, and prepares students to embark on a career in relevant industries

Entry Requirement

The requirement for Senior Year entry will be a holder of recognized Higher Diploma, Associate Degree, or equivalent, in Testing and Certification, Food, or a related discipline.

Highlights of Core Courses:

  • English Language Enhancement
  • Quality Management for Science & Technology (TC S319F)
  • Measurement Uncertainty & Test Method Development (TC S320F)
  • Analytical Chemistry for Product Testing (TC S350F)
  • Biochemical & DNA Technologies (TC S356F)
  • Microbiology & Toxicology (TC S351F)
  • Conformity Assessment & Laboratory Accreditation (TC S311F)
  • Food Analysis (TC S365F)
  • Principles of Good Manufacturing Practice (TC S380F)
  • Management Systems for Inspection & Certification Bodies (TC S312F)
  • Food Safety Management System: Audit & Certification (TC S462F)
  • Selected Topics in Food Safety (TC S463F)
  • Safety & Reliability for Science & Technology (TC S409F)
  • Professional Practice & Ethics (TC S420F)
  • Emerging Technologies in Food Testing & Authentication (TC S464F)
  • Food Testing Science Project (TC S491F)