Senior Year Entry Programme

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Building Services Engineering and Sustainable Development

Non-Jupas Programme Code: BENGHBSEJS

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Full-time Face-to-Face: Senior Year Entry Degree Programme for AD/HD Graduates

The Housing Authority (HA) has started piloting Building Information Modelling (BIM) since 2006. The newest buildings are also equipped with Building Management System (BMS) in order to manage resources and reduce the energy consumptions in November 2017. The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) issued the Building Information Modelling for Asset Management (BIM-AM) Standards and Guidelines to provide a reference, for consultants and contractors, on BIM standards, coding standards and information requirements for the most common 21 types of electrical and mechanical (E&M) systems and assets from construction to handover stage for building operation. In a technical circular issued by the Development Bureau, the Hong Kong BIM policy roadmap was laid out. The use of BIM is optional for projects in the investigation, feasibility study and planning stage. However, from 1 January 2018, the use of BIM technology is now mandatory for all projects designed under design and construction consultancy agreements or investigation, design and construction consultancy agreements. As BIM is a complex process, the challenge is the lack of competence of end-users in the market. According to the VTC Manpower Survey Report of the Electrical and Mechanical Services Industry 2017, the number of vacancies in the E&M Engineering sector increased.

Therefore, the four-year full-time Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Building Services Engineering and Sustainable Development programme can cater the demand of secondary school leavers on Building Service Engineering programmes in the market. The fundamental and essential knowledges on engineering mechanics, dynamics, electrical engineering, energy engineering, and environmental engineering, etc. together with the advanced subjects in building service engineering, environmental science and engineering, project management, etc. are included in the curriculum of this four-year programme. This programme is now applying the accreditation from HKIE.

The aims of the programme are to

  • provide students with professional skills in the design, construction and management of the   building  electrical  and mechanical system, as well as an awareness of environmental sustainability.
  • equip them to play a key role in the industry of building services and environmental and engineering.
  • train them with good communication skills so they can work effectively in large projects involving different parties and professions.

Entry Requirement

The requirement for Senior Year entry will be a recognized Higher Diploma, Associate Degree, or equivalent, in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Building Services Engineering, or a related discipline.

Job Opportunity

Graduates will acquire a broad knowledge of the concepts, techniques, and tools in building services and environmental engineering. Graduates will find career opportunities in a broad range of consultancy, building service contractors industries and government. Typical positions include consultant, building service engineer, project engineer etc. The potential employers can be the consultancy firms, building contractors industries and government.

Programme Structure:

Year Two
Piped Services (ENGG S204F) Computer Applications for Test Engineering (TC S120F)
Laboratory Safety and Good Laboratory Practices (SCI S110F) Engineering Mechanics (ENGG S101F)
Fluid Mechanics (ENGG S202F) Electrical Technology (ENGG S205F)
Thermodynamics (ENNG S203F)  HVAC (ENGG S206F)
Guided Industrial Training (ENGG S290F)
Year Three
Introduction to Material Science (ENGG S260F) Project and Financial Management for Engineering (ENGG S301F)
Quality Management for Science & Technology (TC S319F) Advances in Environmental Impact Assessment (ENVR S328F)
Environmental Pollution & Global Climate Changes (ENVR S307F) Physical & Mechanical Behavior of Materials ((TC S330F)
Professional Practice and Ethics (TC S420F)
Industrial Placement for Building Services Engineering (ENGG S S392F)
Year Four
Construction Information Technology (ENGG S403F) Fire Services (ENGG S402F)
Lighting Technology (ENGG S401F) Energy Resources and Sustainable Energy (ENVR S311F)
Advanced HVAC and Electrical Installation (ENGG S400F) Commission of Facilities (ENGG S404F)
Engineering Project (ENGG S490F)

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