Online Admission Talk for Full-time Programmes

The Department of Science in the The Open University of Hong Kong will organise three sessions of online admission talk for full-time programmes.  Our full-time programmes include the followings:

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Testing and Certification 檢測和認證榮譽工學士
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Testing Science and Certification 檢測科學和認證榮譽理學士
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Food Testing Science 食品測試科學榮譽理學士
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Environmental Science and Green Management 環境科學與綠色管理榮譽理學士
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Life Sciences 生命科學榮譽理學士
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Civil and Environmental Engineering 土木及環境工程榮譽工學士
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Building Services Engineering and Sustainable Development 屋宇設備工程及可持續發展榮譽工學士
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Science (STEM) 科學(STEM)榮譽理學士 [NEW]

The details of these three sessions of online admission talk are as follows.

Department of Science, The Open University of Hong Kong
Online Admission Talk for Full-time Programmes
Session 1 (Cantonese): 7 June 2021 (3pm - 4pm)
Session 2 (Cantonese): 17 June 2021 (4pm - 5pm)
Session 3 (Cantonese): 29 June 2021 (3pm - 4pm)
Online by Zoom
1. Programme Overview
2. Admission Requirements
3. Career Prospects
4. Questions and Answers
5. Admission Consultation

All associate degree and higher diploma students and teachers are welcome.  Prior registration is required.  The contents of all sessions are the same.  You can choose either one of them.  The Zoom meeting ID and password will be sent to your email after the registration.  The flyer of these admission talks can be downloaded HERE.


Online Registration is now closed. Walk-in registration will be accepted.