Students can enroll in individual Testing and Certification courses without registering for the whole programmes.


Distance Learning mode:

Course Code Course Name Launch Date
TC S319 Quality Management for Science and Technology
TC S361 Instrumentation and Testing Techniques
TC S362 Manufacturing and Inspection Technologies
TC S371 Product Certification and Laboratory Accreditation Practices
TC S372 Product Environmental, Health & Safety Standards
TC S409 Safety and Reliability for Science and Technology
TC S450 Product Design, Testing and Certification Project

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Face-to-face mode:

Course Code Course Name Launch Date
TC S811F Laboratory Management & Accreditation
TC S812F Accreditation of Inspection Bodies
TC S813F Accreditation of Certification Bodies
TC S814F Professional Practice and Code of Ethics for Testing and Certification Practitioners
TC S821F Design & Analysis of Experiments
TC S822F Statistical Process Control
TC S823F Integrated Management Systems
TC S831F Emerging Testing Methodologies & Technologies
TC S840F Electromagnetic Compatibility & Electrical Product Testing and Certification
TC S850F Food Testing and Certification
TC S860F Material Testing & Certification
TC S870F Environmental Protection Testing & Certification
TC S888F Research Project in Testing & Certification