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BSc in Science in Environmental Studies (BSCES)^

BSc in Science with Honours in Environmental Studies (BSCHES)^

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The demand for environmental professionals with broad-based multi-disciplinary knowledge and skills in managing the natural and the corporate environments has never been stronger. The continuing deterioration of the environment in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta has created the need for immediate action in tackling pollution and biodiversity loss, and developing action plans for sustainable development. The OUHK’s degree programmes are designed to meet this need. Our programmes produce effective environmental managers well prepared to serve in government departments, manufacturing and service industries, the educational sector and relevant R&D organizations.

Graduates will have gained the knowledge and confidence to hold employment in the many professions associated with environmental protection, management and sustainable development.

Entry Requirement

  • Candidates who are 17 years of age or above can enroll these distance learning programmes.

Course list:

Course Code Course Title Credit
Foundation level
SCI S122 A Foundation Course in Biology and Earth Science 10
SCI S123 Foundation Physics 5
SCI S124 Foundation Chemistry 5
Middle level
BIOL S205 The Core of Life 5
ENVR S216 Environment: Change, Contest and Responses 20
ENVR S237 Environmental Control and Public Health 10
STAT S242 Statistics in Society 10
CHEM S251 Organic and Physical Chemistry 10
Higher level
BIOL S301 Conservation and Biodiversity 5
BIOL S302 Animal and Plant Physiology 5
BIOL S303 Molecular Biology and Microbiology 5
CHEM S311 Analytical Chemistry 5
CHEM S312 Instrumental Analysis 5
ENVR S320 Environmental Impact Assessment 10
ENVR S335 Environmental Control, Monitoring and Modeling 10
BIOL S338 Ecology 10
ENVR S341 Environmental Legislation and Management 10
ENVR S403 Applications of Biology and Chemistry in Environmental Studies 10
ENVR S410 Environmental Project 20
ENVR S411 Environmental Health and Safety 10

For detailed regulations and credit requirements, please click here.

Duration of Study:

The academic year starts in early September followed by the Spring Term in late January. Each of the Autumn and Spring Terms consists of 16 study weeks.

If you study for the maximum of 15 credits in the first term, and 20 credits in the following terms, the approximate time you would need to obtain an ordinary degree (early exit) would be three and a half years (the time would be shorter if you achieve advanced standing/credit exemption). In general, you are expected to study between 15 to 20 hours a week for a 20-credit course. This would be similar to being a full-time student. Most OUHK students have full-time jobs, so they tend to spread the study load for a degree over a period of five to six years. Most OUHK programmes set no restrictions on how long you can take to complete your qualification. If you wish, you may take a break of any length after completing a course, and resume your study in a future term.

(*Longer duration of study may be required if the students do not fulfill the course requirements)

Advanced standing:

You may be able to get credit for your previous studies. Credit exemption, known as ‘advanced standing’ at the OUHK, is available for many students who have completed tertiary-level studies elsewhere. There are 3 types of credit transfer, namely, General Credit Transfer (GCT), Specific Credit Transfer (SCT) and Block Credit Transfer (BCT). Each type of transferred credits has its specific use in counting towards programme requirements. The University has recently relaxed the maximum advanced standing by BCT to 80 credits for relevant Associate Degrees and Higher Diplomas towards an OUHK 120-credit bachelor’s degree.

^ This programme suite will not be offered in the 2020/2021 academic year.