Students can enroll in individual Applied Science and Environmental Studies courses without registering for the whole programmes.


Distance Learning mode:

Course Code Course Name Launch Date
BIOL S205 The Core of Life Available Now!
BIOL S301 Conservation and Biodiversity Available Now!
BIOL S302 Animal and Plant Physiology
BIOL S303 Molecular Biology and Microbiology
BIOL S338 Ecology Available Now!
BIOL S401 Contemporary Biology Development
BIOL S406 Tools and Techniques in Biotechnology Available Now!
CHEM S251 Organic and Physical Chemistry
CHEM S311 Analytical Chemistry Available Now!
CHEM S312 Instrumental Analysis
CHEM S340 Inorganic Chemistry Available Now!
CHEM S345 Principles of Chemical Synthesis
CHEM S402 Contemporary Chemistry Development
CHEM S445 Advances in Chemical Synthesis Available Now!
CHEM S450 Advanced Techniques for Organic Structure Analysis Available Now!
ENVR S216 Environment: Change, Contest and Responses Available Now!
ENVR S237 Environmental Control and Public Health
ENVR S320 Environmental Impact Assessment
ENVR S335 Environmental Control, Monitoring and Modeling Available Now!
ENVR S341 Environmental Legislation and Management Available Now!
ENVR S403 Applications of Biology and Chemistry in Environmental Studies Available Now!
ENVR S410 Environmental Project Available Now!
ENVR S411 Environmental Health and Safety Available Now!
SCI S122 A Foundation Course in Biology and Earth Science Available Now!
SCI S123 Foundation Physics Available Now!
SCI S124 Foundation Chemistry
SCI S330 Scientific Research Methods
SCI S404 Advanced Topics in Food and Health Sciences Available Now!
SCI S410 Research Project in Applied Science Available Now!

Face-to-face mode:

Course Code Course Name Launch Date
ENVR S830F Environmental Protection in Modern Society Available Now!
ENVR S840F Environmental Management in Practice Available Now!
ENVR S850F Ecological Conservation and Environmental Assessment